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Welcome to our Mien’s webpage; specifically the Pho Quan Tri (Regional Vice President of Administrative Affairs) section. Here you will find links/contact information for other Uy Vien (Sub-Committee Leads) including:

-Liturgy & Religious Vocations
-Charity & Public Relations
-Communication & Journalism
-Technical & Photography
-Convention & Entertainment

Our goals is to connect Mien Trung (Central Region) through regular communication regarding celebratory events, prayer requests, anniversaries, and conventions. Feel free to contact any BCH members if you have any questions or suggestions for each one of our Sub-Committee Lead or Tr. Phat.

PlasticBoxWithPaper-800pxỦy Viên Phụng Vụ và Ơn Thiên Triệu


PlasticBoxWithPaperGreen-800pxỦy Viên Xã Hội & Giao Tế


PlasticBoxWithPaperPurple-800pxỦy Viên Truyền Thông & Báo Chí
PlasticBoxWithPaper-800pxỦy Viên Kỹ Thuật & Nhíp Ảnh


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